Phil Sherwin-Nicholls;
a service designer
& digital technologist.

Working at the intersection of technology, data and design — Phil has over 5 years experience helping organisations and governments to solve wicked, population scale problems.

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  1. Currently he’s working with a client at the forefront of education. Blending AI with user centered design to help make learning more accessible, for the people who need it most.
  2. He led design and research for many projects in the UK government. Using quantitative and qualitative methodologies to understand the needs of users. Working in agile, multidisciplinary teams to tackle wicked, population level problems.
  3. Worked with Florence to help with their UX strategy. Collaborating with their team to build a design system. Allowing faster prototyping and more accessible front-end build.
  4. Ran a research sprint followed by a 4 day design sprint with Parity Projects to develop their platform. A tool to make it easier for people who are thinking of making their home more energy efficient.
  5. Facilitated and designed workshops for Mckinsey, Visa, Philip, Fidelity, European Lottery, ING, PVH, Society Generale, Burberry, Marks & Spencer, Estée Lauder, RBC, BEIS, WorldPay & Topshop. He now coaches in user centered design.
  6. Before that, he was the Head of User Experience at Decoded. Leading and evangelising design across the organisation. It led him to run design sprints for the likes of General Electric and Visa. He built their brand guidelines and also designed & launched several digital products.
Phil has this incredible ability to understand our business needs in an incredibly short period of time

Department for Education



Parity Projects


Venn Media




European Lottery



Society Generale


Marks & Spencer

Estée Lauder





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Side projects:

Simplify the visual interface of Asana.

Write Haiku
A minimal, syllable counting note pad.

Keynote Karaoke
Make presentations whilst you present.

Ten minutes
Visualise your day as 10 minute blocks.

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